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BMW 525i E60 car PC install

My 2005 525i stock dash before mods.

Here we have a stock dash for my insane mod session.

Bye bye Idrive

First I removed the Idrive screen and DVD unit. I sold them on Ebay as they will no longer be needed.

Mockup session

Next I determined the maximum size screens I could fit into the dash. I cut cardboard templates to represent the screens. I wanted to figure out the angles and positions for them to sit.

MDF screen bezels

After I determined what sizes I woul use (12" and 9"), I ordered them from Ebay. As they were on being shipped from China I downloaded the spec sheets to determine the screens active areas. With those specs I had my fried Chad cut them out of 1/4" MDF on a CNC router. He shipped them to with with a square cut and I used a router to bevel the inside edges.

Reroute AC vents

One problem I ran into is that the vents are right where I wanted my top screen. So lets re-direct them... I built a manifold from MDF to fit into the vent area. I ordered some flexible automotive AC tubing and some round bezels to finishe the look.

Cut holes for vents

I re-routed the vents down low on each side of the center conole. It actually works very well.

Re-route DTC,sport, hazards, and door lock button.

s To create even more room for space I routed the DTC button from the board to the shifter boot area. That way I can hide the DTC unit into the dash.

Time to hack up the dash trim

I then trimmed the MDF bezels and cut out the dash trim to fit them snug.

Time for tiger hair fiberglass fill

I taped off the dashwith vinyl and filled in the cracks and crevices with fiber reinforced fiberglass putty.

Bondo top-off

I topped it off with bondo and sanded the contours.

Primer and spot putty

After filling and sanding the contours a few times I primed it to better see the flaws. I filled the flaws with spot putty and gave it a final pimer coat.

Center trim rework

Removed the I-drive controller and built it up with MDF.

Trim test fit

Test fit the trim and make sure everything lines up well.

Center consol paint/wire

Painted and installed some LED backlit push button switches and bass knob in the center consol.

Mount LCDs and wire

I mounted the LCDs with hot glue, installed more LED switches, and wired up the controller boards.

supplimental power supplies

I used a 9v regulated power supply to power the LCD screens and a 5v power supply to supliment the USB bus voltage. For all the devices I have the motherboard power supply would not do.

DC ATX power supply

I used the M4-ATX 250 watt power supply by to power the micro-atx motherboard. I also required an ATX wire extention to reach from the power supply over to the motherboard.

Re-routed the front speaker wires.

I fed the factory speaker wires from the 4 channel JL JX380 in the truck. Soldered and shrink wrapped them @ the dash.

Audison Bit Ten D for audio interface

I bought an Audison bit ten D from ebay without a wire harness. I found a connector lying around and pulled the jacks from it. Since I used the optical input from the motherboard so all I needed were 4 lines. +, ground, remote, and ignition.

OBDII tie-in

I tied in an OBDII USB diag and added a switch to control power to it.

Door ping for PC hibernate

I wired in 3 relays so that I can turn off the ignition and remove the keys allowing the PC to remain powered on. Once I open the driver door the relays unlatch and put the PC in hibernation until the ignition is turned back on. This is uRe-routed the front speaker wires.

micro ATX motherboard mount

I decided to mount the moterboard where the factory CD changer would be. It fit the area perfectly.

Final look

All the dash trim back in.

Final look

Fire that bitch up!